Why Is CFD Education Important?

Before you start CFD trading it is very important that you understand them as to the novice trader CFDs can be quite daunting. There are many companies that provide CFD education to novice traders however most of the time this comes at a hefty cost. Before you go out and pay thousands to a CFD educator you should do some reading on the internet and download some of the many free CFD ebooks available. Once you understand the basics of CFD trading and you feel that you are ready to take the next step only then should you consider paying for some CFD education.

One of the most important aspects that you should look for when choosing the right CFD education is of course the feedback that they have received from past graduates. This is important as there are numerous educators that will charge you a fortune for educational material that can often be obtained for free on the internet.

A good educational package should provide you with information as to how you can build a trading plan, manage risk and effectively allocate capital across share, forex and index CFDs. Of course it is also important to adapt your trading plan to ensure that it suits your lifestyle as trading should not be a burden it should be enjoyable.

Once you have learned to develop a trading plan it is important that you stick to it. The most common mistake novice traders make is that they lack discipline. A lack of discipline will most certainly result in trading mistakes.

Is a College Education Important?

While some individuals are searching for the perfect college or university to attend, others may be questioning the importance of a college education and if they should even go to school. Whether or not a college education is important or even necessary depends on your career and salary goals.

Unless you are the heir to a fortune, earning an income is a necessary part of life. How do you plan to make the money to house, feed, clothe yourself and pay your bills?

Professional, corporate, and many government jobs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to be considered for employment.

Jobs in fields like nursing, culinary arts, cosmetology, technology, and automotive careers may require an associate’s degree or the completion of a certificate program.

You could become a business owner without receiving a formal education. However, it may be necessary to take some entrepreneurial classes or hire and accountant and lawyer in order to build and maintain a successful business. Jobs in areas like public utilities, construction, and even some administrative positions may only require a high school diploma or GED if you possess the relevant skills.

When deciding on a career you should ask yourself; will I be happy performing the job and will the pay be enough for the lifestyle I desire? If you can not decide on a career or at least an area of interest, then you may want to wait on going to college. You could end up spending time and money taking courses in one major that may not count at all towards your degree if you change your major at a later time.

If a job that doesn’t require formal education appeals to you then you could be fine without college. But if your desired career requires a degree or certificate and if you would like to earn an income that affords you a more comfortable lifestyle, then a college education is very important.

Why is Education Important?

Education is the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. (Definition given by Dictionary.com)

This means that education is much more than merely studying something in order to have a profession.

You need to learn many things in your life if you want to be able to face all the challenges you’ll find on your way. You are not only studying in order to be a lawyer or a nurse, for example, but in order to prepare yourself to face dangers, solve problems, discover new solutions, act wisely, find happiness in life, and give something positive to your community with your work and your example.

I studied very hard when I had to face my absurdity, much more than if I had studied in ten universities, for 19 years, while curing many people in practice with the knowledge I acquired translating dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung, which I simplified after continuing his research.

My example should inspire you and show you that you must study, because your own salvation depends on your education. If you are ignorant and you don’t care about learning what you need in order to solve your problems, you’ll die immersed in your ignorance, or you’ll live suffering, without ever finding what you need.

You should also care about having a diploma and a profession; otherwise you won’t be considered a serious and recognized professional.

We live in a world where words are more important than actions, and nobody cares about the truth when it goes against their personal interests. This is a world of hypocrites, thieves, and all kinds of monsters. If you live in this world without protection, you are in great danger.

Your education will give you the indispensable protection thanks to your social position, and financial support for your survival.

But you need more…

I discovered that the human being is basically an idiot who uses only a very tiny portion of his brain in a positive way, while the biggest part of his brain belongs to the wild side of his conscience, which is violent, immoral, cruel and sneaky.

This is why we are so far from mental health and happiness, and we live in a world where poverty and greed coexist, while terror and violence prevail.

This is a world where powerful leaders don’t desire to face enemies that will have enough knowledge to understand their selfish and unfair intentions, and this is why they try to prevent you from learning everything you should, instead of being their victim.

You need a powerful education that will surpass the narrow limits imposed by our absurd society, and will surpass also the vast human ignorance.

Learn how to translate the meaning of your own dreams yourself and everyone else’s as well, so that you may discover a font of wisdom and guidance for life, showing you what is really good for you and your life, and showing you how you can be a human being that will bring happiness to the world.

Memory Genius Learning Series – Why is Education Important?

The Memory Genius Leader seeks out every opportunity to equip everyone in the family, school, and organization with the same unity of thought that the leader possesses in his or her role as the philosopher. The leader is a model of lifelong learning; in addition, the leader encourages and equips everyone in the organization to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and skill. The role of the Memory Genius leader is as a learning leader and an educator.

The word education comes from a French root that means to lead out of ignorance. Memory Genius Leaders lead from a platform of knowledge-their personal and professional logos; and they lead the organization to knowledge-knowledge of the logos, knowledge of the vision, knowledge of the best business practices, and knowledge of the best ways to build relationships of trust and respect in homes and communities.

We cannot, must not operate in ignorance. As individuals, we need knowledge to grow in all six areas of human development: mental, physical, spiritual, social, financial, and emotional. As a society, we must acquire knowledge for human betterment. And as an organization, it is impossible to make our vision become a reality without the proper education of all people within that organization. During the early 1990s, a phrase that became popular in books and articles on leadership was “the Learning Organization.” The concept emphasized the importance of constant, continual learning. If individuals and organizations are not learning, they are dying. James Belasco and Jerre Stead wrote a fine leadership manual, titled Soaring with the Phoenix. They asserted:

Knowledge has always been the differentiators. Hannibal’s knowledge of the Alps enabled him to defeat a superior Roman force. American ingenuity enabled us to defeat a far superior German force in North Africa during World War II. Better-trained Israeli pilots defeated a much larger Arab force during the Six Day War. Superior knowledge inevitably wins.

Richard Teerlink, President and CEO of Harley Davidson, insists that “People are the only long-term competitive advantage and lifelong learning is the way to fully develop that advantage.” With access to new information and new business strategies advancing at micro-processed speed, those organizations that hope to survive in the new millennium must engage in an ongoing process that encourages the development of new ways to learn faster and work smarter than the competition. Champions of Change must improve their thinking before they will be able to improve their performance.

Why is education important?

Great Memory Genius leaders engage the hearts and minds of everyone with ennobling beliefs and enduring values. In addition, Memory Genius Leaders engage their Purpose Partners’ (students/employees/associates) hands with skills that equip them to perform at maximum efficiency.

I once heard a story about a man walking through a cemetery whose attention was captured by this epitaph: “Died when he was thirty; buried when he was sixty-five.” The passerby stopped, puzzled. Peering down at the tombstone, he found the explanation engraved at the bottom of the stone: “He stopped learning when he was thirty.”

There are a great many people that can be represented by those doleful words. Everyone dies when they quit learning, though they may not close their doors for several more years. If you were to ask the president of a failing company when the business died, an honest and perceptive leader might reply, “We died about twenty years ago, when we stopped reading, stopped learning, stopped listening to our customers and our Purpose Partners┬«, and when we stopped training. We died when we thought that we had arrived at the top of the heap and had nothing more to learn.”

If we’re not learning, we’re not living! The lifeblood of every individual and every organization is the passion and joy that is aroused by the wonder and discovery of learning. Memory Genius Leaders know this; they are insatiable models of lifelong learning and vigorous proponents of continuing education. They leave books and periodicals in the waiting areas of their companies, in break rooms, and on people’s desks. These learning leaders earnestly believe that one of the most important parts of their organization’s compensation package is education, and they make every effort to ensure that these “benefits” are unmatched by their competitors. The company is breathing and growing and taking in intellectual nourishment. The organization is so alive with the culture of lifelong learning that if you were to cut it with a knife, it would bleed knowledge!

Far too many of us have lost touch with the wonder and the adventure of learning. Young children are inexhaustible question-boxes. They are bright-eyed and curious, constantly asking, exploring, and learning. Why would we adults want to “grow” out of that? We seem to believe it is a sign of sophistication to appear incurious, as if we already know all the answers to everything. The loss of intellectual curiosity is a sign of regression, not of health. It is a sign of immaturity, because we have become so prideful that we want to impress everyone with what we know-or, worse yet, to appear as if we know when we actually do not-instead of learning to be quiet and honor others by listening to what they have to say

Why is Music Education Important?

Music is a way of life. Everything in our environment-the raindrops, the hushing wind, the flowing river-has its own sound that produces music to our ears. We encounter music in our everyday lives, and this music brings harmony and peace to our soul.

Music education is far beyond learning instruments, reading notes, and mastering vocal techniques; it is a deeper encounter with the environment and with one’s self. It provides enriching benefits to a person’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Here are the benefits of music education:

Music makes you smarter

A number of scientific studies concluded that music could enhance a person’s intelligence. Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner said that music intelligence is equal to logical intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and interpersonal intelligence.

Learning music is as important as walking or talking; it is intertwined with our mundane activities and basic skills. Thomas Armstrong said, “Intelligence is galvanized by participation in some kind of culturally valued activity and that the individual’s growth in such an activity follows a developmental pattern; each activity has its own time arising in early childhood.”

Studies have shown the same result: the early participation in music can help sharpen one’s brain. Children who receive early music education have higher IQ, comprehension, reading and listening skills. Children, who learn to play instrument, or those with early music education, excel in academics than those who do not.

It relieves stress

The importance of music education is visible in simple things. Everyone suffers from stress due to unnerving tasks within the family, work, and school. The loads of school projects might have given you headache, and the pressure of performing your responsibilities at home could have gotten worse, but all these anxieties will go away once you’ve heard a soothing music.

Have you observed that music can relieve the stress after that long, strenuous day? After you tuned-in to your favorite radio station, you’ll suddenly feel relaxed and the music will wash out the bad mood you had.

What’s more if you can play an instrument? Playing an instrument can calm the mind and replenish your energy. Playing instrument can also help burst out your feelings, which is a healthy way in releasing your negative emotions.

It gives euphoria

Anyone can be good at playing the piano, a guitar, or a saxophone-but the happiness you get from discovering your talent is, undeniably, the best experience. Learning how to play an instrument alone makes you happy; what’s more if you can play an instrument very well. It puts on a big smile on your face whenever you learn a new piece, after all those sweat and tears you have sacrificed for about a month or a year.

Sense of achievement

Life gives a sense of achievement even in small things; thus, learning how to play an instrument is more than a self-fulfillment. The happiness and satisfaction you get from music is priceless.

Achievement doesn’t reflect on the level of one’s expertise, but the achievement he or she gets from learning music itself. It does not deal primarily on neither the simplicity of the piece nor the instrument/s you have mastered, but it deals with the contentment and the happiness that are truly worthwhile.

Why is Personal Finance Education Important?

Credit card and personal finance education on the agenda in NJ

New legislation in New Jersey’s state government would require personal finance education including a variety of detailed explanations on credit and debt terminology and consequences for card applicants.

The bill sponsored by New Jersey state Senator Barbara Buono and passed unanimously by the Senate Commerce Committee would require lenders to register with colleges and universities annually to announce their presence on campus.

The bill would also inhibit lenders from offering a slew of freebies to young adults that sign up for a credit card.

Buono commented on the importance of personal finance education saying, “Promotional sales gimmicks and students’ own ignorance about the factors playing into their personal credit and credit card debt result in many young adults getting in way over their heads. By informing them of the facts and eliminating sales gimmicks, we can hopefully empower students to make better credit decisions.”

As the bill moves through the full senate, the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that campus officials generally support the measure.

Rowan University spokesman Joe Cardona hailed the bill as important legislation. At Rowan, credit card companies have been banned from on-campus solicitations for over 10 years, reports the Inquirer.

Uptick seen in personal finance education

Attendance at personal money management classes is up both in the classroom and online, but why is personal finance education important?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting significant increases to education and “financial literacy” classes that are hosted at local community spots, universities, and online from educational institutions like MIT.

Some people hoping to learn about the effects of the credit crunch, the status of the real estate market, and economic theory are apparently turning to OpenCourseWare financial tools which are much like a virtual class to learn the importance of finance.

Lecture notes, study guides and exams are available from this online offering of more than 180 business and financial education classes from nearly 250 universities globally.

High school students are also taking more personal finance education classes as the economy increasingly impacts how they will handle credit decisions in college and their plans for future careers.

Schools across the nation are reportedly realizing the importance of personal finance and making personal finance education courses and know-how a top priority.

Is Further Education Important?

When people ask is further education important, often they have been put off by the high cost of going to college and getting a degree. It’s no secret that the cost of getting further education has increased a lot in recent years, so it is no surprise that many students question whether they can afford it. In response, I always ask them can they afford NOT to go to college.

The reason is that college graduates on average earn double the amount of money in their lives than those with just a high school education. The return on investment dwarfs any other investment you could make on wall street. There are a huge number of financial aids available for anyone who wants to go to college.

So once the price is no longer a factor, is going to college really worth it? Further education is important because of the number of opportunities that become available with a college education. It is a fact that more and more people worldwide are getting a higher education, so to stand out in the marketplace you need to have a further education beyond high school.

It’s true that there are many successful people who do not have a higher education, although this is becoming more and more rare. It is a lot more difficult to get a high powered and highly paid job without a college education than it ever was before simply because there are a lot more people with a college education these days.